Pulling the stumps after your clearing/logging operation is key to having a clean slate to start your project. Stump Grinding is sometimes thought to be the easiest way to rid your yard of the butt end of a tree but it's not without its future problems.

Stump Grinding requires a machine to chip the stump to remove it. Grinding the stump sprays large chips, as much in chips as the mass of the stump. Deep piles of chips are heavy and full of dirt from having to grind below the ground level. The chips are and hard to pick up and remove without a machine.

After you have picked up the chips the stump still requires covering and the main body of the stump remains behind to rot under the ground. If the area is going to be a lawn, the rotting stump will cause depressions and even sink holes that can be dangerous and create un-even areas in your yard.

The trees roots are still present as well so digging around these areas is very hard to do by hand.

Renting equipment to pull your own stumps is not a good idea. Do you know what equipment you need? Stumps can pull your machine over very fast if the machine is to small or you don't know your controls.

Stumps don't pop out just like that. In a residential area chances are your not in a 25000 pound plus class of excavator that can pull large stumps fast. Pulling stumps with a backhoe can be done but it's a project and a good case of whiplash is not uncommon.

That said, pulling stumps with the proper equipment and a trained operator will save you time and money. Your stump with its main root structure will be gone, the machine will be there to fill the hole and compact it properly and your yard will not have chips all over. Any damage the excavator caused can be fixed easily as it is all surface damage. Good operators can get in and out without much damage so only the work area is disturbed

So Why Hire Someone to Pull your Stumps:

You have a clear work area
Stumps are removed for the site so no sink holes are caused by rot.
Larger roots are removed
Trained insured operators
You will have the correct equipment for the job
Less cleanup and a finished job