The company  goal is to provide affordable  machines and operators capable of heavy landscaping / excavation services to both commercial and residential customers. 

 A low overhead allows for the operation of mid sized equipment for about the same cost as a rented machine.

All of the equipment you see on this site is safe to operate on residential property or construction sites. Rubber tracked excavator and rubber tires on tractors and backhoes reduce the damage a skid steer causes.

A large part of the business is clearing property of over-growth and heavy brush like bitter sweet, poison ivy, sumac and small trees that are very hard to get at and remove. The US Mower mounted on the excavator is able to clear large plots of material in short order and the mower is a mulching mower so very little is left behind, in most cases cleanup is not required. The mower will mulch trees up to 5 inches in diameter while on the stump down to the stump. The 14 inch tree shear is ready to go to work on the larger trees after the brush slash is mulched up. This method of clearing makes for a clean efficient clearing job.

Our Mission Statment is, " To always do the job better than expected".