Thanks for visiting my web site. Just a little background on me. I'm a former white collar guy that was tired of office walls and endless plane trips. In 2001 I started an excavation company that migrated to clearing brush, forestry and stump removal.  

Excavation is still a big part of the business as well.

 The services I now provide could be described as heavy landscaping. When you plan your landscaping projects you can think beyond your wheel barrel and take on projects that require machines to accomplish. You can hire my machines with me, "Insured", operator for a few hours, days or weeks. Whether your needs be start to finish or assistance in your own project I can provide the backup you need to get your yard or business looking the way you want. .

Equipment with Operator Available for Hire Include:



•2 CDL 6 wheel trucks


•Tractor with most all attachments,

•Wood Chipper,

•Tree Mowers,

•Feller Buncher,

•Power Rakes

Check out the Tabs above to see more about the Equipment and Services Available!

Most Estimates Are Free!

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